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Three Shagya Stallions

By Donna J. Coss

New Shagya bloodlines in the U.S. are now a reality with the arrival of three yearling Shagya stallions to the farm in January 2002. The first major importation of this breed since 1986, gives the three youngsters a critical future role in supplying new bloodlines.

Donna J. Coss, the owner of the breeding farm, searched throughout Europe for four years before she was able to select Shagya stallions from three different family lines. Hopefully they will compliment the very rare bloodlines already existing in the U.S.

One of the colts, "Dante" is from the Countess Arco's estate near Moos in Germany. Yes, the Countess actually lives in a castle with a moat! Dante's sire is "Nasrallah", who is a Shagya stallion that has won many combined events, some against Warmbloods! He is 26 years old and has a permanent breeding license for Trakehner and Bavarian WB breeding.

The Nasrallah X Daphne cross has produced several famous and well known Shagya sport horses including, "Delos Apollon" who is winning at M level dressage tests.

"KS Tribute", is sired by "Tatianus", bred by Ruth Pack, and he won his breeding show-his sire is the chief stallion at Ms. Pack, "Jeremias". The dam is "Tatiana" a wonderful old chestnut mare, who has four sons, who have been given breeding approval. She is also the dam of "Tamara", a championship mare. Jeremias, dam is "Judith" who is a legend in the breed.

Tribute's dam is "Obeida" is from a family with very strong lines, many of them have been placed as chief stallions in stud farms throughout Europe. Tribute is dark brown, almost black, a color that is not common in the breed and also carries bay and chestnut color genes.

KS Rubin, is by "Paris", a well known Shagya stallion who competes at M level. His sire is "Bartok" whose dam was "Babolna" who has five approved sons, Balaton, Bartok, O'Bajar, Bakoni and Titan.

Paris' dam is the very famous, "Pamina" who has won countless European championships and is viewed by many to be one of the most beautiful mares in the breed. Pamina has four approved sons and two daughters, all who have won many championships.

Rubin's dam is a very old mare, "Rasga" She is a half sister to Dalileh, who has "Elite" status in the breed. Rasga sire is Gazal 1, who has breeding approval in Warmblood breeds and his offspring have won a lot of money. Rubin's family goes back to Topocianky stud farm.


The Birth of Briella.

A very special foal was born at Lily Creek Ridge. A second filly in two years, has been produced from frozen semen by the Swiss Shagya stallion, BAHADUR. This stallion is competed in Europe almost every weekend in combined training. He is highly performance tested against all breeds in his discipline. The dam this year is SW Selebration, an *OMAN daughter owned by the farm. What is even more special is that the filly named Briella, is a very rare color in the Shagya breed, is a chestnut.

Stetson's 2003 foals have been born. A filly named Sarendipity out of Sabiyana ox has contributed her 8th offspring to the Shagya breed by producing a future breeding mare for purebred Shagya breeding. His daughter mentioned above, SW Selebration is approved for Shagya breeding and has produced 4 top quality purebred Shagya fillies in a row. Stetson's second offspring in 2003 is an Anglo Shagya out of one of the TB mares. His name is Lily Creek Sable. Stetson has been bred back to Tunis our TK mare for 2004 and we have added a lovely Percheron to his harem. Both mares appear to be in foal.

We have selected two mares from the herd to "test" the imported stallions. Dante from the Countess Arco's farm in Bavaria, has been bred to sw Naomi, an *OMAN daughter. KS Tribute from the German farm of Hans Gunter Schmidt, has been bred to Summer. Both of these mares also appear to be in foal for the 2004 foaling season.



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All photos are by Donna Coss, Master Photographer, Photographic Craftsman, C.P.P.