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Lily Creek Stetson

LC Stetson is showing that the prepotency of his genetic lineage will be carried on in his offspring. His first pure Shagya offspring are from *OMAN daughters descending from the O’Bajan family of Shagya. Registered with NASS and approved for breeding with ASAV.

Well known in the Southeast region, he has won and finished top ten in many AERC events, including the 2012 Old Dominion, 100 mile, with 9th place, and the 2012 Vermont 100 with 21st place.

Lily Creek Stetson has continued his consistent endurance career with FIVE Top Tens at the 100 mile distance, with a 2nd place in the 2015 AERC champion ride, total 100’s completed are seven. He has several Top Tens in 50 mile and a few at 25-30 mile.

Stetson has completed 1880 competitive miles up to May 2016 and TEVIS may be in his future in July of 2016. Stetson is owned by Brian Coss who has been his rider for many events, but Carol Federighi has also claimed many successful completions, as have other riders. Stetson seems to be very skilled with his knowledge of sanctioned racing and just trail riding, which results in many riders requesting him for their mount! He truly has all the breed characteristics the Shagya-Arabs are known and bred for!

LILY CREEK NOBELEST is owned by Michael Elias of Prescott, AZ. easily finished the TEVIS in 2012, and has a lifetime record of 2130 miles. Noble also finished the 2011 AERC championship. He is a Lily Creek Stetson son out of an *Oman daughter.

Stetson was bred in 2001 to six mares, two Arabians, two Shagyas, one Thoroughbred and one Trakehner, for the purpose of testing his genetics in several different combinations. Stetson's first offspring are now four years old and we are very pleased with his first foal crop. He has produced size, 16 h.h., very substantial bone with exceptional swinging gaits and temperament that is without rival.

Sire's Pedigree:
SARVAR PFF, to *SHANDOR imported from Denmark in 1989, to SHAGAL. SHAGAL was the 1986 European Champion Shagya.
Shagal *Shandor Shagal
He also has a lifetime breeding license with the Trakehner Verband. The descending pedigree of these horses follows straight back 200 years to the first importation of purebred Arabian stallions and mares from Syria specifically to the Hungarian State Stud at Babolna in Hungary for the purpose of creating a sound, sturdy, cavalry horse, but also a elegant riding and driving horse for the Austro-Hungarian aristocracy. Included in that importation was the stallion named Shagya. The breed is actually named for him. He has been considered the most influential stallion in his family and for the breed as a whole.
Dam's Pedigree:
Sonata PFF is out of Magic Shadow ox by the US foundation stallion, Hungarian Bravo. Sonata is a fine example of Shagya type. She received one of the highest overall scores of any mare during the NASS Inspections.

Sonata with Laszlo

Sonata PFF Dam of Stetson and Laszlo Monostory. He was the only surviving Commanding Officer of the Hungarian State Stud Farms.


Lily Creek Stetson

Sarvar PFF ShA

*Shandor ShA

Shagal ShA

41 Shagya XXXIX ShA
Sjonja ShA Hungarian Bravo ShA
Magic Shadow ox AHRA
Sonata PFF ShA *Shandor Shagal ShA
41 Shagya XXXIX ShA
Sjonja Hungarian Bravo ShA
Magic Shadow ox AHRA
Brian Coss and Stetson

Lily Creek Ridge

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All photos are by Donna Coss, Master Photographer, Photographic Craftsman, C.P.P.