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*KS Tribute LCR
Hans Gunther Schmidt
Bernd Klein
Birdenbeul Germany

KS Tribute KS Tribute was purchased and imported as a yearling to the United States to bring new and fresh bloodlines to the U.S. herd and especially Lily Creek Ridge. His pedigree is impeccable which is evident in his conformation, his fluid gaits and his confident way of going. He is maturing into a “look at me” stallion with a charismatic temperament. Lily Creek Ridge is looking forward to his future offspring. Tribute’s name was chosen by his new owner, Donna Coss, to honor Frau Pack and her lifetime of breeding Shagyas. Lily Creek is proud to have such a promising young stallion to carry on the breeding of Mrs. Pack in the US. TRIBUTE was presented for breeding approval in 2004 where he scored 9.5. A test breeding in '03 proves that fertility in no problem as he got his mare in foal in one breeding!


*KS TRIBUTE LCR (TRADITION) was sold and and made the long journey to Bogata, Columbia, South America in March of 2005. He was imported as a weanling from German, so this charismatic young stallion has been on three continents. He is just five years old! See our "News" page for complete story.
"Tribute" made the journey with LILY CREEK STEFVANI, one of our young mares. She gave birth to a filly in August, '06.

KS Tribute Sire's Pedigree:
TATIANUS by JEREMIAS by SILAS by out of Tatjana by Koheilan XXVI-2. Judith by Gazal VII, is the dam of Jeremias. Judith is considered one of the grand-dams of Shagya breeding in Europe having been judged a champion of all other mares. Hans Gunther Schmidt and his son-in-law Bernd Klein, have chosen the consistently true bloodlines from Mrs. Ruth Pack’s extraordinary breeding program from her stud in Germany, Gestut Reichshof, to be the foundation of their young breeding program. Tribute is the most current example of this successful breeding program.
Dam's Pedigree:
OBEIDA I by BALATON by GAZAL VII out of 58 O’BAJAN XIII to the famous lines of the O’Bajan family, which includes the desert bred Kuhaylan Zaid 1923. Balaton, the sire of Obeida I and chief stallion for 16 years at Frau Pack’s stud, is incomparable as a sire, passing on extraordinary quality to his offspring.
Below is Tribute's grandmother,Tatjana, taken at 26 years old.
KS Tribute's Grand Mother, Tatjana

Lily Creek Ridge

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All photos are by Donna Coss, Master Photographer, Photographic Craftsman, C.P.P.