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This is a new process. Have your photograph rendered in watercolor and bonded permanently to real canvas. This produces a truly individual art print that is personal to you and one you will treasure for years.
The print will be fully worked and enhanced and is a limited edition unique for you. If you prefer archival heavy weight paper, this is also available. The same print may also be used for note cards.
Use your own print, which we will scan for you, or use one from you photography session.
Prices will vary, depending on size etc. Individual quote upon request.


Donna Ackland Coss has a lifetime of experience working with animals. She has exhibited horses, dogs and cats professionally and has been an all breed judge. This is an extinct advantage because knowledge of the breed standards results in a photograph that emphasizes the animal's best breed features.
Donna was the owner of Hillside Studio for 22 years. Her daughter, Jody, has taken up the reins, and has moved the Studio to a new 4000 sq. ft. facility located on the farm. This offers Donna an opportunity to devote her time to the animal photography she is well known for creating. A majority of the photos displayed on this web site are samples of her work.
Many of Ms. Coss photographs have received national awards for their excellence. Two have been selected into the Professional Photographers of America permanent loan collection.
During the past few years, Donna, has been creating portraits for books, calendars, magazine articles, including cover photos. The AKC Gazette uses her photos on a regular basis.
2003 was the inauguration year for the Giclee Art Prints being created from new commissions and also from files from past years. These prints are available for purchase. An original Giclee print may also be made from your own portrait session.
Many well known show dogs have journeyed to Donna's studio for that "perfect" photograph and many of these have earned the reputation of being, "the best photograph of that breed ever!"
A limited number of location assignments will be accepted. Please call for an appointment. (863-774-5665).

Lily Creek Ridge

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All photos are by Donna Coss, Master Photographer, Photographic Craftsman, C.P.P.