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RAMZES, Sire of the Century

KS Tribute and Lily Creek Stefvani exported to South America

Three Shagya Stallions imported from Europe...

Crosswinds - rare and collectible article from Arabian Horse world 1983.

Shagya: The Great Improver
By Suzette Bernhold and Donna J. Coss

By Donna Coss
Sire of the Century...

CAVALOR CUMANO, was the winner of the 2006 World Equestrian games in Aachen, completing ten tough rounds with only one fence left down!
This stunning and formidable, white Holsteiner stallion from Belgium, had already won the Calgary Grand Prix. It seems that in order to compete in International Show Jumping you have to ride a grey Holsteiner whose name begins with "C"! The Holsteiner society would be thrilled to see how much the breed has...

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By Suzette Bernhold
and Donna Coss

Shagya: The Great Improver...
The beautiful Shagya-Arabian breed had its beginnings in 1789, in Hungary, when Babolna stud, near Budapest, was founded as a branch of the Mezohegyes Imperial Stud farm. The original mares were chosen from those with Oriental breeding (brought in during the Turkish occupation of the area), along with Arabians, Arabian crosses, Lippizans, and a few English Thoroughbreds, all chosen with an eye towards adding size and bone to the Arabian base...

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By Donna Coss
KS Tribute and Lily Creek Stefvani exported to South America...
Lily Creek Ridge, one of the largest Shagya breeding farms in the U.S. has sold a purebred Shagya stallion and a bred mare to Eduarto Gaviria of Bogata, Columbia, South America. The pair will soon go into quarantine near Miami, Fl. And then be flown to Bogata.

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By Donna Coss
Three Shagya Stallions imported from Europe...
New Shagya bloodlines in the U.S. are now a reality with the arrival of three yearling Shagya stallions to the farm in January 2002. The first major importation of this breed since 1986, gives the three youngsters a critical future role in supplying new bloodlines...

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Rare and collectible article from Arabian Horse World 1983.

Only available as a PDF, Download it here...


*KS RUBIN LCR has been sold to Katherine Voyer who lives near Nearco, CA. which I understand is the horse capitol of California. Katherine is an old time breeder of PB Arabians, but wants something more like she remembers Arabs were once upon a time! Rubin went into training immediately and it remains to be seen whether he will head for the endurance trail or the dressage ring. With his athletism, he could do well in anything anyone wants him to do.

RUBIN will also be offered for Stud service, so if you are in Southern California, here will stand a very nice stallion that scored 8.8 at his inspection. The owner is very interested in breeding to WB and Thoroughbred mares. He is doing endurance and also dressage.

LILY CREEK STETSON has been gelded and is living with my son, Brian Coss, in Virginia. He is proving to be a kind and gentle riding horse. FROZEN semen is available! STETSON is approved for breeding by ASAV. Unfortunately he was not able to attend the NASS inspection in Vermont, which would have been almost a 2000 mile round trip! His foals have been exceptional with very heavy bone and many 16 h.h. It seems that his prepotancy for type has been doubled and there are NO problems from his close heritage. He is a PREMIER cross for warm blood or Thoroughbred mares. We love his foals and his mild puppy dog temperament is very dominant.


Lily Creek Ridge

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All photos are by Donna Coss, Master Photographer, Photographic Craftsman, C.P.P.