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*Dante LCR
Countess Maria Theresa Arco-Zinnenberg
Moos/Niederbayern, Germany

Dante is registered with ASAV, NASS and VZAPP.
He is approved for breeding by NASS and ASAV.

Dante in Training DANTE'S foals have been exceptional and he is an outstanding choice for Warmblood, Thoroughbred and Trakehner mares. DANTE was approved for breeding by NASS in 2006.

*Dante LCR
was imported to the U.S. at 8 months old, and his pedigree contains many prominent Shagya champions. The Countess Arco was especially pleased that he was purchased to strengthen the herd in the United States and Canada and especially at Lily Creek Ridge. His breeding is the foundation of the stud at MOOS and will continue the tradition at Lily. Approved with an 8.4 score. Fresh, cooled semen is available. Request a breeding contract.

DANTE’s first foals are three years old and showing all of the Shagya type that this linage of proven performers has exhibited in Europe. His offspring have the wonderful, swinging back, best seen at the walk, and they all seem to “be on springs”! They are natural for dressage with forward gaits and great reaching strides. From what we have seen to date, this stallion is certain to have a positive influence upon the Shagya breed. He has one filly, from Lily Creek Stefvani, in Bogota, South America.
Dante's Sire, NasrallahSire's Pedigree:
NASRALLAH by BARTOK by GAZAL VII out of NEDDA by JUSSUF VII to JUSSUF IV (Babolna 1918). Nedda also carries the elegant O’Bajan in her pedigree. Nasrallah was born in 1974 and was champion at the stallion testing at Darmstadt-Kranichstein. Practically given up by his owners as “over the hill”, the Countess aquired him in 1981. Regaining his condition, he became the 1981 champion at the 100-day stallion performance test at Klosterhof Medigen, with the highest score of any horse of any breed ever reached there with a record 147.53 points. He has been approved for breeding Shagyas, Anglo-Arabians, Trakehners and Bavarian warmbloods. Nasrallah is still breeding at the age of 28.
Dante's Dam, DaphneDam's Pedigree:
DAPHNE by DARIMAHN to KOHELIAN VIII ox (1922 Babolna) out of Semira by Sambesi out of 4 O’Bajan XIII. Daphne placed in the top third as a 4 year old at the 1st international driving event for singles in 1986 at Thurnt, Austria among strong international competition. Sambesi was the 1980 German National Champion mare. She had become a reliable dressage and cross country mount, has taken part in Hunt Trials. Daphne is especially appreciated by ladies and gives birth to a beautiful foal each year.
Dante's Full Brother, Delos AppolonDante's full brother- Delos Appolon
currently doing "M" level in Germany.
Dante as a Yearling Dante as a Yearling.

Lily Creek Ridge

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All photos are by Donna Coss, Master Photographer, Photographic Craftsman, C.P.P.